Manifest Abundance: Overcoming Money Blocks for Financial Success

overcoming money blocks
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Overcoming money blocks is a crucial step on the path to manifesting your money and achieving the financial success you desire. Money blocks are deeply ingrained beliefs, thought patterns, and emotional barriers that hinder your ability to attract and manifest the wealth you want. These subconscious limitations can create resistance, self-sabotage, and a sense of lacking when it comes to finances.

Money blocks can keep you stuck in a cycle of scarcity, preventing you from embracing opportunities, taking bold actions, and experiencing the financial success you deserve. However, once you recognize and address these issues head-on, you can release their grip on your financial reality and open the floodgates to abundance. Once you clear the path and align your mindset with prosperity, you can empower yourself to manifest. 

How Are Money Blocks Created?

There are several reasons why people develop money blocks. Here are some of the most common factors that contribute to money blocks:

  • Childhood conditioning — Our beliefs about money often stem from our upbringings and the messages we got from our parents, caregivers, and society. If we grew up with negative or limiting beliefs when it comes to money, these beliefs can become deeply ingrained and affect our relationship with money later in life.
  • Past experiences — Negative experiences or traumas related to money, like financial struggles, debt, or witnessing financial hardships can have a lasting effect on our mindset. These experiences can cause fear, anxiety, or a scarcity mentality that can lead to money blocks.
  • Societal influence — Cultural and societal norms, including media portrayals or societal expectations, can shape how we see money. Messages that associate wealth with negative qualities or reinforce scarcity mindset can cause money blocks.
  • Issues with self-worth — Money blocks also can be rooted in self-worth issues. If you have feelings of low self-esteem or that you do not deserve financial abundance or success, you can be leading yourself to self-sabotage or a fear or achieving financial goals.
  • Inherited beliefs — There are times that money blocks are passed down from generation to generation. Family beliefs and attitudes around money and be deeply ingrained in you and unconsciously inherited, which has an influence on our own financial mindset and behaviors.

It’s important to remember that money blocks are not permanent or fixed. With self-awareness, mindset work, and a willingness to challenge and change your limiting beliefs, it is possible to overcome money blocks and create a positive and abundant relationship with money.

How Do I Know I’m Struggling With Money Blocks?

Recognizing if you are going through a money block requires self-awareness and introspection. Becoming aware of these signs and examining your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors around money can help you identify and address any money blocks that are holding you back.

Here are some signs that may indicate you currently are in a money block:

  • Financial struggles — If you consistently find yourself facing financial challenges despite all efforts, it could be a sign of a money block. This can manifest as difficulty in earning, saving, or managing money effectively.
  • Repeating patterns — Notice any recurring financial patterns in your life, like constantly attracting debt, overspending, or experiencing unexpected financial setbacks. These patterns may indicate underlying beliefs or behaviors that are keeping you stuck.
  • Fear and anxiety — If the thought of money or big financial decisions causes fear, anxiety, or discomfort, it may suggest there are some deep-rooted beliefs or emotions surrounding money that should be addressed.
  • Self-sabotage — Engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors with money, like procrastinating on financial tasks, avoiding opportunities to grow, or not valuing your worth and charging less for your services, can be an indication of a money block.
  • Scarcity mentality — Having a mindset of scarcity, constantly worrying about money, or feeling a sense of lack even when you’ve had enough can be a sign of a money block. This mindset hinders your ability to attract and manifest financial abundance.
  • Uncomfortable with receiving — Difficulty in receiving compliments, presents, or money from others suggest an underlying money block related to self-worth issues or deservingness.
  • Negative beliefs — Take note of your beliefs about money. If you hold negative or limiting beliefs, like “money is evil” or “money is hard to come by”, this could be causing a money block.

Confronting and Overcoming Money Blocks

Confronting and overcoming money blocks involves a combination of self-reflection, mindset shifts, and practical actions. After assessing the causes of some of your mental blocks, there are a few ways you can overcome them.

Challenge Limiting Beliefs

Question and challenge the existing beliefs you already have surrounding money. Ask yourself if these beliefs are based on facts or are they merely assumptions or inherited beliefs. Replace any limiting beliefs with positive and empowering ones that align with financial abundance and success.

Heal Past Experiences

It is essential to heal and release any associated negative emotions if you have experienced any financial setbacks or traumas in the past. Consider finding support through therapy or counseling to address and release any unresolved emotions related to money.

Transform Your Mindset

Transform your mindset to one of abundance and prosperity. Practice gratitude for the money you do have, and visualize yourself already experiencing financial success. Focus on positive affirmations and surround yourself with supportive resources like books, podcasts, and mentors that promote a positive money mindset.

Find Guidance

Consider working with a mindset coach, financial advisor, or montor who can provide guidance and accountability throughout your journey. They will be able to offer you valuable insight, tools, and strategies to help you overcome any of your money blocks.

Take Inspired Action

Break through your comfort zone and take action towards your financial goals. Start small with achievable financial milestones and celebrate progress as you go. Each step builds momentum and confidence to overcome your money blocks.

Practice Self-Care

Taking care of your overall well-being is crucial in addressing money blocks. Practice self-care activities that reduce stress, like meditation, exercise and mindfulness. Nurturing yourself supports a positive mindset and helps you approach your financial journey with more clarity and resilience.

Learn How to Attract Abundance and Wealth With Lisa Easton

Overcoming money blocks is a process that takes time and consistent effort. Be patient and compassionate with yourself as you start to navigate through this process. This journey can be challenging on its own, and working with a skilled manifestation coach like Lisa M. Easton can be incredibly valuable to overcoming money blocks and other challenges.

Lisa developed a program that allows women from all walks of life to manifest and achieve their goals with a mission to help them get out of situations like her own years ago. The Millionaire Morning Mamas is a 3-month program that helps women break through financial ceilings and shares life-changing secrets to build wealth and abundance in life.

Don’t let money blocks hold you back any longer. Invest in yourself to embark on a transformative journey towards financial abundance, freedom, and fulfillment. Contact us today to learn more or book an appointment.



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