Join Millionaire Morning Mama CEO, Lisa Easton, in the #1 Completely Done-For-You Wealth Mentorship program for women.

Wealth mentor Lisa M. Easton reveals her exact blueprint that helped her go from being broke and with $55K worth of debt to making a million dollars in 3 years, living the life of her dreams as her higher self… so you can do that too

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What if I told you that the missing piece of the puzzle is already inside you?

Most women turn to books and courses to take their business to the next level only to find the answers they’ve been looking for were within them all along.

Did you know that only 5% of your brain is actually working for you?

Your brain is fighting against you reaching financial freedom. All of the pains and trauma you have experienced is driving the decisions you make today. You’ve been conditioned to operate with a scarcity mindset.

Becoming aware of the power of your subconscious mind is the first step. Now, we can look to unlock your full potential using guided meditations and manifestation techniques. With daily practice, we can switch your subconscious mind and create an abundant mindset.

Stop holding yourself back from your millionaire life.

It doesn't matter where in your life you're at right now…
  • Trapped in your 9 to 5, feeling undervalued because you give waaay more than you receive
  • Running a small business, but these magic seven figures look impossible to achieve
  • Broke and living in debt (which was my own reality not so long ago)
  • In your 30s or your 40s, but the inner feeling that you can achieve great things in life is burning in your chest
  • Knowing you were born to live like this, but having no clue how to achieve it
  • Even If you are afraid to take action because you might fail…

It’s time we take action. 

Why wait 30 years for something you can have in 3?

You are worthy of living the life of your dreams…Much faster than you can imagine.

And YOU are just one decision away from achieving it. 

The secret that no one speaks about self-made millionaires?

They are not self-made!
Here's what I mean…

Have you ever wondered how ordinary people scale like crazy, super quickly, and become millionaires out of thin air?

It’s not because they have luck or invented something magnificent.


It’s not even because they work hard, either!

These people have amazing success and build (many) lucrative businesses because they invested in themselves and counted on a mentor first.

  • A mentor, who has been in your shoes, knows how you feel and what you’re going through
  • Mentor, who is laser-focused on your thriving.
  • Mentor with a customized fail-proof system for you to follow
  • Mentor with personalized attention
  • A mentor who supports you like no one else before

Yes, you’ll do the job. You’ll put in the effort. No one is going to do it for you.

But having a winning plan and knowing your next steps will make it significantly easier for you.

Hear what our members have to say

This is your one-way ticket to financial freedom

I know what you’re thinking now. 

“It’s easy for you to say. You already have everything.”

True. But it wasn’t always like this…

In fact, I was living in a completely different reality not that long ago.

As a survivor of 23 years in a toxic marriage, I was in $55K worth of debt. I was feeling desperate and hopeless. And I was facing two options…

To complain about the past, how life sucks, and always wonder ‘why me’…


To understand where the problem is rooted, how to get rid of it, heal, and start over again—braver and stronger

I was lucky to be working with several billionaires at the time and I learned life-long lessons that I started implementing in my own business. And that’s when things started to change.

But let me tell you, that wasn’t luck. It resulted from hard inner work and following wise advice, directions, and guidance

Now, I’m coaching women like you to get there because you are worth it! You deserve it! And you don’t have to struggle to achieve an exclusive lifestyle.

I’m never going back again. 

And you shouldn’t, too! 

You have one life.
Make it unforgettable.

I have a burning question in my mind…

How much time do you spend on meditating, journaling, and visualizing?

Having an open mind for opportunities is great, but attracting the know-how to get you there ASAP is possible only if you have a mentor to follow…

And while others just give you the WHAT to do, but not the HOW to do it… 

I’m here to give you ALL you need… the done-for-you strategy, the blueprint, the mindset, the knowledge, the circle, and the support you need because… 

Growing is a challenging process. 

If it were simple, we would all be millionaires, but the hard truth is that only 3% of people are. 

Having my team and I behind your back is all you need to become a part of this 3% of people.


I know under Lisa's guidance and tutelage, I am on my way to a million dollars

“I have known Lisa since 2020. I have followed her wealth progression since then. She is a lady a few short years ago had $55K in debt and is now worth almost a million dollars. I knew then, if she could do it, then so could I.

When she took me on as one of her mentees, I was so stoked as this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

We met in person and mapped out with path to generational wealth and success. It is so easy and doable. I know under Lisa’s guidance and tutelage, I am on my way to a million dollars, the first millionaire in my family and I can’t wait.”

Sherlette N.Smith – DNP, FNP, -BC Nurse Practitioner

over a million dollars in real estate deals

In my mentorship programs, I have 40 female investors who I call my “Sharks”.

In 2022, I led them into over a million dollars in real estate deals. There isn’t one person who hasn’t received their investment plus profit at closing. 

Here’s what Jatali, who charges anywhere from $15K-$50K per month to manage investment portfolios after my lead, says about wealth-mentoring with me:

“I grew my business to multiple 6-figures in 2 1/2 years. Invested in her crypto hedge fund which will yield a million dollars in the next few years. I learned how to manage my investment portfolio and feel confident investing in stocks. I have done about $333,000 in real estate investments in 2022”

I have led 40 other women into real estate deals totaling over a million dollars, and 2 of them already are millionaires.

Do you wanna be the next one?

Are you ready to live life first class?

Could you be my next millionaire makeover?

Over the next 12 months I’m going to be working 1-1 with a handful of motivated women looking to break free from their financial shackles. This 1-year wealth mentorship is your path to financial freedom and unlocking your first-class lifestyle!

How does it work?

Once you enroll in the Millionaire Makeover Mastermind, I’m going to fly to your location and we’re going to plan for your future life of financial freedom. We will work together to create a 1 year customised roadmap to reach $1 million in 3 years. 

Why get rich in 30 years when you can get rich in 3?

I am living proof of the power of building a millionaire mindset. I brought myself back from crippling debt to financial abundance and have helped countless other women along the way. It’s not going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it. 

You’re already working. Let’s make it worthwhile. 

Somebody out there is living your dream life right now. How long are you going to wait until you claim what you deserve?

84% of millionaires have mentors. Oprah Winfrey had Maya Angelou. You have me. Stop handcuffing yourself and find a mentor to walk the journey with you. 

If you’re ready to unlock your true wealth potential, say “HELL-YES”!

What's Included?

  • 1 Year Wealth Mentorship w/Lisa
  • 1-Year Customized Roadmap to reach 1 Million in 3 Years
  • Access to 2-3 types of highly profitable real estate investments
  • Access to personal credit repair and business credit establishment
  • Access to estate planning & long-term, highly profitable commercial real estate investments
  • Access to accounting strategies for tax liability minimization
  • Access to the MMM Academy course=
  • The entire VIPBYB course – scale your online coaching business to 6-figures in 1 year (I build your entire online coaching business with you, and it is a digital course)
  • 1 Monthly group call w/Lisa
  • Access to Lisa by phone, text, email, and 1:1 calls as needed
  • In-Person VIP Day to build your roadmap to a million in 3 years.
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Meet Your Wealth Network

Credit Repair & Business Credit Establishment

Fast Freedom Academy are ready to help you with:
  • Inquiry Deletion
  • Regular Dispute
  • Derogatory Deletion
  • Business and Investment Funding
  • Credit Card Stacking
  • Amex Business Credit Cards

Estate Planning, Tax Advantaged Wealth Management and Highly Profitable Commercial Investments

Ready to help you with:
  • Trust & Asset Protection
  • Tax Solutions – Exemption, Deduction, Deferral Strategies and other tax advantaged wealth management tax savings opportunities
  • Investment Solutions
  • Insurance Solutions
  • High impact investment in a variety of sectors in Latin America and the USA
  • Set up funding for both small and large scale projects and businesses

Real Estate Investing

Our experts are ready to help you with:
  • Probate real estate investment deals (fully managed and hassle free)
  • Angel real estate investment deals with profits from 15%-40% per syndication
  • Asset real estate investment deals

Wealth Mentor

Lisa Easton is ready to help you with:
  • Building your exact roadmap to 1 million in 3 years
  • Business strategy, development, and scaling
  • Being your personal consultant
  • Liaising with my team to ensure VIP access and service
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With Lisa's support and guidance I have full faith I will be turning dreams into reality this year.

“My experience working with Lisa 1 on 1to build my roadmap to 1 million dollars has been life changing.

Putting a plan into place that builds on the opportunities Lisa provides for us to invest and build wealth has given me purpose and allowed me to pursue opportunities I never knew existed. I have no doubt that I will reach my million dollar net worth goal which will further expand my ability to invest and make passive income. My ultimate dream is to retire myself from nursing – as s single mom – and with Lisa’s support and guidance I have full faith I will be turning dreams into reality this year.”

Caroline Payne

Welcome to the best time of your life…

you’ll love this one!
This is the part where you start living life on your terms.
This is the part where you're empowered because of who you are.
This is the part where you feel freedom and independence.
This is the part where you are in control.

“There is no more profitable investment than investing in myself.”

YOU are worthy of all of this!

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